You’ve just bought your first property and you’re eagerly awaiting settlement. You arrive at the final inspection go to turn the lights on turn the lights on and the owners have turned the electricity off.
There goes your only chance to make sure everything is working properly, to see if the property has been cleaned and there is no surprise damage caused by clumsy removalists before you settle.
You want to make sure everything is in good working order because more than likely you didn’t check these things prior to purchase because you were so excited.
When inspecting a property you’re interested in it only takes a couple of minutes to walk around the property and check if all the expensive items work. These include the stove or hot plates, lights, air con and heating, fans, hot water service, garage opener and don’t forget all the related remote controls.
We are often given a recently purchased investment property to manage which has faulty appliances which either need fixing or replacing.
Don’t ask the selling real estate agent if everything works and take their verbal response as gospel. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to entice you to buy.
It’s up to you to do the work or get confirmation from the agent in writing. Buyer beware.


The solution.

Before you purchase a property email the agent and ask them if all appliances staying in the property are in working order. Make sure you get their response in writing. Never accept a verbal response. Without this you won’t have a case when discrepancies arise.
If the agent tells you to check the appliances yourself and you don’t have time ask them to request this information from their vendor in writing, this is a fair request and should be granted if the agent is doing their job. If the response comes back saying you need to check the appliances yourself then book in a time with the agent to do this and confirm with them in writing everything was in good working order at the time of inspection.
Once you’ve bought it makes good sense to email the agent requesting the owners keep the electricity on for settlement so you can have power on to conduct the final inspection and checks before you settle.
If the electricity is off notify your solicitor you were unable to check if all appliances are in good working order and ask them to act appropriately.
Often a solicitor will be able to hold some funds back from settlement to compensate you should anything not be in good working order.
Why should you have to fork out $2000 for a new air conditioner in the middle of summer when you were told yours was working on sale but it blew up before settlement. I know this sounds unlikely buy we have heard dozens of stories like this over the years.
Covering all of your bases and making sure you are being properly looked after is very difficult when you are caught up in the excitement of buying a property. Having a system, knowing what questions to ask and knowing the pitfalls which can occur is a very important part of buying real estate.
Selling agents are not being paid to look after you and they won’t advise you what’s in your best interest like your own buyers advocate would.
Our advice when buying property is to take your time, think of all the go wrongs that could happen and work out the best ways to minimise any inconvenience and unnecessary expenses caused as a result of your purchase.
Be diligent, do your research and get all important correspondence answered in writing so you have a record should you require it as evidence.
We hope our advice helps you to achieve a better outcome when you are buying your next property.


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