Professional Auction Bidders Melbourne

Professional Auction Bidders Melbourne – The auction process can be highly stressful, intimidating and ultimately is geared to take away control from the buyer. For those who don’t know the rules, it’s potentially highly risky, and if you suffer from nerves you could potentially miss out on an otherwise excellent property opportunity.

Instead, let us do the hard work for you. We are seasoned professionals who understand the rules of auction engagement. We will keep the action in check, emotions low and work strategically to secure the property for you when the hammer is struck down. Professional Auction Bidders Melbourne Help you to Get the right auction property at the right price.


Once you’ve identified the property for auction, we’ll step in on your behalf. We’ll research the property comprehensively to understand its past sales performance, and advise you on whether it would make a strong purchase aligned with your property goals. If you decide to proceed, we’ll create a set of conditions around your budget and other situations that might arise, and then bid in person on your behalf on auction day.

This includes:

  • Playing the game. We understand the theatre involved and have set strategies to optimise the purchase price
  • Reducing the bidding increments. We know that the auctioneer will always try to introduce larger bids, because this translates to more money in the vendors’ pocket
  • Setting a budget. If the auction is heading past your final budget, we’ll stop to make sure what you pay is what the property deserves


Our clients choose us because of our thorough pre-planning and winning auction strategies. We can also work with you if you wish to remain anonymous for a more discrete service.