Buyers Agent Melbourne Australia

We are experts in the industry as buyers advocates across Melbourne. We never give up searching for the right property to suit your individual brief, and we’ll also secure the best results in a shorter amount of time. Our unparalleled experience gives you access to a wider range of off-market properties, plus the confidence that we’ll work harder on your behalf to surpass your property goals.

It’s vital to have expert professionals in your corner and we understand the highs and lows of the property market better than anyone. We are experienced Property Buyers Advocate Melbourne experts in searching, assessing and Property negotiating. We’ll ensure you get the right information when you need it based on our sound property principles and experience – with no added pressure. Buy The Right Property at the Right Price with Buyers Agent Melbourne Australia.


We start with your comprehensive property brief, and take the time to understand what it is exactly that you want and what’s important to you. This will form the basis of our search to solidify what type of buyer you are, before we begin our process on your behalf.

Unlike other agents, we invest a huge amount of time behind the scenes during our search process. We continually hunt for properties rather than only focus on one, but also know when a property is good, when it’s not, and in any negotiation when to walk away. Our process includes:

  • Using the internet like all buyers
  • Contacting estate agents in the areas you have identified to chase off-market properties
  • Taking time to conduct letterbox drops to find sellers privately before they list with an agent
  • Comprehensive and diligent research on sales and rental data in your chosen location to determine true market value
  • Inspecting all on-market and off-market properties each week to shortlist top buys matching your key criteria
  • High quality services on hand such as conveyancers, solicitors and building inspectors should you not have your own preferred supplier
  • Negotiating the best price and most favourable terms for you at auction or through private sale

Our research shows that a buyers advocate can fast track the search and secure process from an average of 12 months to 6-8 weeks.


We are thrilled to secure a property that our clients have fallen with love with for the right price. Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Every property we recommend must be a great investment, so we measure it using our property investment analysis (PIA) program, forecasting potential costs to the landlord, rental income, capital gains, depreciation and tax benefits across a 10 year forecast
  • We only recommend investment properties we’d buy for ourselves. We know excellent value and opportunity when we see it, but will walk away if the property or price isn’t right
  • We limit the number of clients we work with so we can dedicate the amount of time required to do justice to the search for each client personally. We also don’t engage clients with similar or conflicting property requirements