I was very new to the real estate market when I began looking for a property. I had some ideas of what I was looking for but not much sense if these ideas were realistic and affordable in an increasingly hot market. I live overseas so was relying on internet searches and family assisting to look at houses. I was getting frustrated at losing out on auctions and knew I didn’t understand the process enough to get a good result. I was worried I would make a mistake with the biggest purchase I would make in my life.

When I started working with Justin I felt encouraged immediately. Justin was very realistic and walked me through the process in a way I could clearly understand. He clearly knows the Melbourne market extremely well, and has years of experience he could draw on to answer my many questions. Justin gave me a frank and fair feedback when I looked at properties that wouldn’t fit the bill, and he was willing to check out properties that I felt interested in even when he thought they would go too high – and he was always right! On a brief trip home to Melbourne Justin ran around with me looking at houses. He found a house I would never have looked at online, but urged me to check it out – I bought it at a great price and have never regretted my decision one bit. Justin found the perfect solution for me, within my budget, with the features I wanted, and in a location I never thought I could afford. I am thrilled with the result. Justin keeps in touch beyond the sale and assists me with the rental process. He became someone I could trust in an industry that is hard to navigate and fraught with strategies and tactics that the average buyer won’t know how to work through. I am very thankful that I crossed paths with Justin. I am convinced that the outcome for my family as a result of this purchase will be tenfold more than had I done it myself. I strongly recommend anyone with doubts to utilise Justin’s services.




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